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For optimal dental health it's important to get a professional dental cleaning every six months. Keeping up on your personal dental hygiene is important to ensure that your dental cleanings go smoothly and easily.


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Dental cleaning services

It's important to get your teeth cleaned by a professional twice a year to remove calcium deposits which can provide bacteria places to hide. Having smooth, polished teeth removes hiding places and helps provide you with easier home care.

Why should you get routine work?

For our first time patients we offer professional dental cleanings for only $39.99, which  includes x-ray. You won't find a better offer anywhere else.

First time patient discount

Is it time for your dental cleaning?

- Semi-annual cleanings

- Deep Cleaning/Scaling Root Planing

- Plaque removal

- Tartar control

- Fluoride

- Tooth polishing

- Friendly, comforting dentist